God’s Precious Gift of Womanhood


By Jeffrey L. Girling


I’m writing about womanhood on this website, because I have a very deep burden for womanhood.   Because many men have mistreated the women in their lives, and failed to show these precious women the proper respect, admiration, and praise these women truly merit.


I have written to over 200 women all over the world through the internet, letting them know how precious they really are.   Some of these were women who were abandoned by their husbands, leaving them with children to raise alone.


Yet!  Others were women who were abused and beaten at the hands of their husbands, who should have been protecting them.   Paul said in Ephesians 5:25 that husbands should love their wives as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself to the church.


Most of us have heard sermons about that, but just think about it for a bit here.    How is the church loved by Jesus Christ?    I would like to say that Jesus Christ is a place of refuge for the church, and I believe husbands should be a place of refuge for their wives and family.


Also!  The church can approach Jesus anytime in prayer, and Jesus will receive us with open arms.   I believe all husbands should receive their wives with open arms.   If we are to love our wives like Christ loves the Church, then we should also accept our wives when they complain, just like Jesus accepts us lovingly, even when we complain.


Just try to Imagine!  What if we prayed to Jesus, and he yelled at us.  How would we feel?    Then imagine if he back-handed us?  How devastated would we be?   Now imagine how a woman feels, when her husband yells at her while shaking his fist and then back-handing her.


Yes!  I have written to women all over the internet about this, but today I’m writing to men.   What are men doing to their wives?   The next question is: Why?  Why would men want to terrorize and devastate the woman they took a vow to love and cherish until death do them apart.


Womanhood was one of God’s precious gifts to manhood, and I believe women should be treated as such.  God created a woman’s heart to be loved and cherished as a precious gift from the Lord.


Yet!  There are husbands who spend hours at the bar worshiping and cherishing a can of beer as if it was something precious, when their wives sit home alone wondering if they will ever be loved and praised as much as a can of beer.  (God never intended it to be that way!)


There are men who spend their Sunday afternoons watching a football game with a can of beer in their hands, while ordering their wives to fetch another one,  treating their wives worse than they treat their dogs.    I wonder sometimes if they should have made their marriage vows to a can of beer.  (I wonder if it will ever dawn on them to take their wives on a romantic Sunday afternoon walk through the park.)


Come On Men:  What are men doing to their wives?  What makes men think it’s O.K. to mistreat and abuse their wives?   What if Jesus treated men the way some men treat their wives?   Would men be able to take from Jesus the same things that men dish out to their wives?   I don’t think so!  Let’s be thankful that Jesus knows how to treat his bride with respect, honor,  and praise.


Some men like cheating on their wives!  God warns men in  Malachi 2:15,16 about dealing treacherously against their wives.  Treacherous means unfaithfulness, betrayal, or simply cheating on your spouse.  


Malachi 2:15,16 say: “Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. 16 For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously.”


Then there are men who think their wife is their slave.  Examples:  Do my laundry!  Cook my supper! Do my dishes!  Clean the house!  Get me a beer!  Get me this!  Get me that!  Do as I tell you!  Do as I say!   Doing all this in the name of what?  Certainly not love!  Jesus serves the church.  So should a husband serve his wife.


I have heard men say this:  “Doing the dishes is woman’s work”  Wow!  What such good insight that is:  Perhaps these men should try telling the U.S. Military that doing dishes is woman’s work, because the U.S. Military apparently doesn’t know it yet! (I’ll bet these men didn’t tell their Commanding Officer in the military that dish washing is woman’s work.)   I personally cook for my wife!  Do the dishes with my wife!  I help make the bed with my wife!  I do all the vacuming in the house! (My wife does the dusting)  I do most of the laundry in the house!  I do most of the grocery shopping!   But Why?  Because my purpose is to love and serve my wife, like Christ loves and serves the church.


Oh Men!  Yes!  God made you a helpmate!   She is to be a helpmate in your purpose to serve God’s Kingdom, which means she helps pray with you!  She helps water others with the Word Of God with you!   She helps you minister to others because she’s your helpmate in the service of the Lord.  (But she’s not your slave)   She’s your partner!


My wife helps me proof-read the book I just wrote!   My wife prays for me!  My wife inspires me!   My wife encourages me in the faith!  My wife never ever complains to me!   My wife is always by my side!    Why?   Because she’s precious, and it’s something I’ll never let her forget!


 Oh Men!  God has created men and women as equal partners, yet some men act like they’re God, and their wife’s purpose is to serve and worship them,   but there’s only one God in Heaven, and he expects husbands to love, cherish, and treat their wives as precious gifts from the Lord which is what they are.


Perhaps some men should consider how Jesus would treat their wives, and learn a few lessons from Jesus how to treat women.   How can a man justify mistreating his wife, when Jesus receives her as a precious child of God.  (Someday Jesus will hold these precious wives in his arms, as He wipes away the tears some husbands have instilled in the hearts of their wives.  (I pray God will have mercy on these husbands in that day.)


There are several things I hope my wife will always know in her heart!  (1)   That she’s more precious to me than anything else in this world!  (With the exception of Jesus! Of Course!)  (2) That her happiness is my number one priority! Her feelings matter to me! (3)  That she’s the fulfillment of everything I ever dreamed about, fantasized about, needed, or desired in a woman!  (4) She causes my heart to feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. (5) I Thank God for the day he created her!.


I never stop praising my wife,  because a good wife is worthy of praise!   Her heart is worthy of all the love, respect, admiration, appreciation, and praise my heart can give her.  She’s my Soulmate! (Best Friend!)  My Sweetheart!  My Lover!  My Wife!  My Partner In The Lord!  (She’s Not My Slave!  My Dog!  My Employee!)


Men look for greeting cards to say what they don’t know how to say to their wives!  They want their wives to feel the affection their heart has for their wives.  Perhaps actions speak louder than words.  Treat your wife like you love her, and then she’ll know, and a greeting card won’t be necessary to tell her what she already knows.


Men treat their wives like slaves and dogs, and then try to convince them they love them with a greeting card.  Love is an everyday thing.  Love- making is a 24 hour a day thing.   Everything I do with my wife is romantic to me!  Dishes!  Laundry!  Grocery Shopping!  Why?  Because it’s sharing life’s experiences with the one I love!


Beer isn’t precious to me!  My wife is!   Football isn’t romantic to me!  Walking with my wife in a park is!    I’m in love with my wife’s heart!  I’m infatuated with her body!   So I make love to her heart all day and everyday, because I love her morning, afternoon, night, and all through the night.


Many Christians know how the Lord desires to have such a relationship with each Christian in the church, and scripture says to love our wives as Christ loves the church.  Jesus doesn’t run to the bar for a beer!  He waits patiently for us to come to Him, as He opens up his arms when we do.  Husbands should always be available for their wives as Christ is for the church.


Again Try To Imagine:  Praying to Jesus, and hearing him say “Don’t bother me now!  I’m too busy right now!”  Or what if he just wasn’t there, because he was too busy getting drunk?   Just imagine if Jesus treated the church like some husbands treat their wives.


I once read an analogy in a Christian book relating a huge hotel to how a man's relationship should be to his family. You might wonder how  a huge hotel could relate to a man's relationship with his family.


Consider the strong rugged surface of the outer sides of a Huge hotel which is solid concrete from the roof to the ground, and which protects hotel guests from the weather outside.  Then consider the inside of a hotel filled with colorful carpets, soft furniture, and fine linens, where hotel guests feel comfort and refuge from the weather outside.


Hotel guests can't see the strong rugged exterior of the hotel when they are inside.  They only feel soft and pleasant things, and a man's family should only feel soft and pleasant things from a man while they find comfort and refuge within his heart.


A man's wife and children should never feel the effects of  a man's tough and rugged nature, because his outer tough and rugged nature should only be used to protect his family while giving them a place of refuge from an ungodly world.


God didn't create our hands to strike people, or back-hand our wives and children.  God expects us to love them like He loves us.  I hope and pray that men who view this website will consider this message.  Some of your wives and children may be depending on it.  They need you, and they need you to be a Christ-like Husband and Father.   God Bless You All!   Jeff