My Two Visions

                                              by Jeffrey L Girling                            


These are two visions I had at 17 years old, which was two years before I had a relationship with the Lord, or two years before I knew anything about the Bible or the Lord, when I saw spiritual beings from the spiritual world.

Vision One

I was lying awake in my bedroom in the house I was raised at.  It was sometime after midnight.   Suddenly out of nowhere there was this strange character standing over me.  He appeared to look much like a farmer with a straw hat and bib overall jeans, but he was very evil and scary looking with a pitchfork in his hand.


He raised up the pitchfork, and started bringing the pitchfork down toward my chest, and it appeared as if he was going to stick the pitchfork into my chest.  I was completely paralyzed, and I couldn’t move or speak, as I watched the pitchfork getting closer and closer.


I don ‘t know how I knew it, but somehow I knew that if I could get the light on, that he would go away.   I didn’t know anything about spiritual things then, like good and evil or darkness and light, yet I knew if I could get the light on, that this evil character would go away.  My sister Judy was sleeping in the other room, so I tried to call out to her to turn on the light, but I couldn’t utter a word because I was paralyzed.


The pitchfork kept getting closer and closer to my chest , but right as it was about to puncture my chest, this evil character disappeared and vanished.  I immediately jumped out of bed because I wasn’t paralyzed anymore, and I paced the floor all night with my legs shaking and my knees knocking.  I was awake through the whole thing, and that’s why I jumped out of bed right away, because I was awake.


Visions usually have meanings to them, and I’ll share how I interpret that vision a few lines down, but I first will share my second vision with you, and then I’ll interpret them both together.  Keep in mind that I didn’t  know anything about God or the Bible during both of these visions, because I was only 17 years old, and I didn’t read the 600 page Bible story book that converted me until I was 19 years old in the summer of 1969, and these visions happened two years earlier in maybe early 1967.


Vision Two

It was about two weeks after the first vision, when I had my second vision.  I wasn’t at the house I was raised in my  second vision.  I was actually staying  at my father’s apartment over on Kent and Selby Avenue.    My father was married to another woman, and their guest bedroom was right off the kitchen, where I slept.   I had just finished washing dishes at about 9:00 O’Clock P.M.    I then went into the bedroom to lie down on the bed.   I didn’t even have both of my feet off the floor yet, and my head didn’t even hit the pillow yet, when I looked at the corner of the bedroom where the ceiling and walls met.


The walls and the corner near the ceiling of the bedroom suddenly disappeared, and then a beautiful bright yellowish or golden staircase appeared with beautiful angels walking down the staircase toward me.  They kept getting closer and closer with their arms reached out to me, but I was frightened because I didn’t understand spiritual things then.


The angels looked at me and smiled, but they knew I was frightened, so they disappeared and went away, and then I saw the wall and ceiling corner again.  I immediately jumped up and paced the floor all night in the kitchen with my legs shaking and my knees knocking again, just like I did in the first vision a few weeks before.


I didn’t know or understand what these two visions meant back then, but I became a Christian two years later, and my knowledge of the Lord has grown since then, so today I can interpret the visions with more knowledge of the Lord and spiritual things.


The Interpretation:  It’s best to  interpret the visions together because they’re like two sides of the same equation.  Both visions represented my future life after the visions.  The evil character in the first vision represented the devil, who would be trying to kill me my whole life, and the beautiful angels on the staircase meant that the Lord’s angels would be looking over me through it all.

The devil can’t really kill anyone without God’s permission and authority, but the devil can make a person’s life so miserable, that the person might commit suicide and kill themself.   That’s what  the devils plan and agenda was for me, to cause me to kill myself.


How would he do that?  By taking everything and everyone I ever loved and cared about from me, so that my life would be miserable without them.  When I was 15 years old, my new stepfather came into my mother’s house, and made my life miserable, and then he forbid me to even see my mother from my 18th birthday until  I was 22 years old.


I also lost my first fiancé, whom I loved very much.  Then there was another woman I wanted to marry later, but I was never able to have a relationship with her.   But then I married my first wife, and I loved my family circle with my daughters  very much, but then the family circle was broken, when my first wife started a relationship with my cousin, whom she married later, so I couldn't be with my daughters as they were growing up.  I also couldn’t have a relationship with my own son as he was growing up, who had a different mother, because I wasn’t married to her, and she had complete custody over my son.


Then there was my other fiancé Joanne in 1986, who committed suicide by jumping off the Wabasha Street bridge and drowning herself in the river.  It hurt real bad, because I loved her very much. 

The Bottom Line Point:  The devil has been trying to kill me my whole life, by taking everything and everyone I ever loved or cared about out of my life. but I’m still here, so the devil has failed in his task to kill me.   Now the devil doesn’t have any power over me, because in my older life I have learned to be happy and contented in myself, and there’s not a suicidal bone in my whole being, and I’m striving to live to be a hundred someday.


The devil knows he can’t kill me or get me to kill myself through depression anymore, but sometimes I wonder what he’ll do to those I love.   If he can’t get to me through myself, then he might try tempting those I care about.   I have shared these stories, and all of this, to help make you conscious and aware of the devil and his tactics.


The devil controls a lot of people in this world, and he can cause events and situations in our lives that can bring us down, but the Lord will bring us through them if we trust him to do so.   Today!  The Lord has given me a beautiful precious wife, whom I wouldn’t trade for any woman on this planet.   The devil can sometimes take away, but the Lord can restore happiness to our hearts.


Know this:  I wish I could see that staircase and those beautiful angels again, because my arms would be reached out to them this time, if only I could. I’m also still here to tell you that the Lord loves you, and he’ll keep you through the firing darts of the devil.