Atheists don’t believe in God, so if God didn’t exist, and didn’t create the universe, then the only way we could be here according to atheists, is that we evolved from a puddle of primordial soup over millions or billions of years. – Then of course that puddle of primordial soup eventually evolved into countless other things, and here we are.

Let’s evaluate this theory of thinking to see how plausible it really is: A puddle of soup evolved into various things with no intelligence to help it along, then these things without intelligence divided themselves between male and female, which is needed to produce life in the first place. (One might ask how this life that did this planning and thinking even existed without males and females beforehand.) – Like all life needs to exist now.

All the medical scientists in the world all put together with all of their knowledge and intelligence can’t understand everything about the human body, yet evolution says it all evolved together by chance with no intelligence. – Of course without any intelligence matter divide between male and female to create life. (How did matter know to do that?)

My bottom line thought to all of this is: No atheist or any scientist has ever seen this, so their theories about this are all produced from their own faith or beliefs, with absolutely no scientific proof to prove any of it.  That’s why it’s still called theories and not facts.(They actually have more faith than I do, when they believe all those miracles produced from matter or a puddle of primordial soup.)

A puddle of soup with no brains evolves into matter and produces life that top scientists today don’t fully understand today.  Ya right!


Here’s a link to an article I wrote on this website titled “Why I Don’t Believe Evolution.”