My Personal Stand On Abortion

Worldwide abortions in a year: 46 million
Worwide abortions in a day: 126,000
Abortions in a year in the United States: 1.37 million
Abortions in a one day in The United States: Appox. 3,700

Abortion is about death! A Pro Life position is to defend life. A human fetus has the potential to become a person, and a fetus is already alive and living.

To destroy any form of life can only be defined as killing life.(Period!) So those who defend freedom of choice as pertaining to abortion, are actually defending the destruction of life, that has the potential to develop into a fully developed human person.

So it's really about Pro Life or Pro Death! It's not really about choice. The mother will live either way, whether she destroys the life in her womb or not, but the life in her womb depends on the mother for survival.

The choice isn't about the mother's body, as so many Pro Choice activists continually blurt out. It's really about the body of a fetus in the womb, which won't ever have a chance for life if killed and destroyed prematurely.

46 million worldwide abortions every year, which also means 46 million more people won't be alive in a few years because of abortions.

That adds up to about 460 million in ten years, or adds up to 1380 million people in 30 years. Which means there's over a billion people who aren't here today because of abortions in the last 30 years.

I believe that's a figure that's hard for anyone to justify. Over a billion people destroyed while still in their mother's womb.

Never has a baby's life been threaten or in more danger, than in the mother's womb today! The one place a baby should be safer than anywhere else.

Abortion is wrong!(Period!)Abortion is about snuffing out a heartbeat! ProLifers fight to keep that little heart beating.